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UE Mataró

Name PM TP P Linked
Look Georgina  Sosa SioGeorgina Sosa Sio 6 36 36
Look Irene Vila HidalgoIrene Vila Hidalgo 6 18 18
Look Clàudia Xaudaró CaleroClàudia Xaudaró Calero 6 57 57
Look Berta  Riera MontasellBerta Riera Montasell 6 29 29
Look Júlia  Aragón AlbertJúlia Aragón Albert 6 74 74
Look Paola Pareja XargayoPaola Pareja Xargayo 6 45 45
Look Uma Chacon MoreoUma Chacon Moreo 6 35 35
Look Duna DeJuan FernandezDuna DeJuan Fernandez 6 14 14
Look Ariadna  Elias MontonAriadna Elias Monton 6 16 16
9 / 9
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